IORI STAY SPA for hotel guests only: Now accepting reservation

IORI STAY SPA for hotel guests only: Now accepting reservation

Indulge in a blissful massage experience, using carefully selected natural essential oils sourced from the forests of Hida.

IORI STAY SPA is a relaxation experience reserved exclusively for our guests.
Please contact for your reservation.

■ Body Treatment (60 min.)  ¥13,000

Immerse yourself in the blessings of the forest, revitalizing both body and mind. The rich aroma of nature gently envelops you, offering a profound moment of relaxation. The 60-minute massage will promote blood circulation, improve lymphatic flow, and eliminate toxins. Moreover, it rebalances your body and relieves fatigue.

Experience this special journey of healing, exclusive to our hotel guests.



In IORI STAY SPA, Yuica essential oils are used.

Yuica utilizes traditional Japanese natural materials and modern natural materials. They are manufactured with clear traceability (place of production and distribution route) and with a focus on safe raw materials.

Tree branches and leaves, which are the raw materials for fragrances, are made from the blessings of nature that have been taken care of and divided into forests, such as thinned wood and forest residue. Human intervention in the forest allows adequate sunlight to enter and maintains a rich ecosystem.

Yuica is written as “結馨” in Japanese.
Since ancient times, “結 (Yui)” has meant mutual support in a local community, and is useful for connecting people and connecting them in their daily lives. It is also a word that speaks of the cycle of wood, which is the effective use of forest resources.
Also, “馨(Ca)” has the character “voice” in it. It originates from the rich traditional Japanese culture of monko, which is expressed as “listening to the scent.”
It also contains the wish to connect the world with scent, heal the heart, and realize the recovery of humanity.

IORI STAY SPA offers guests a luxury experience in a sophisticated and comfortable space where you can feel the beauty of Hida.

5-5-5 Tenmacho, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, Japa

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