【Anniversary Plan】Your Special Anniversary at luxurious private townhouse

【Anniversary Plan】Your Special Anniversary at luxurious private townhouse

*This plan is only available on the official website.

At IORI STAY, we offer “anniversary plan” to make your special day more comfortable, safer, and more special.

This plan is recommended for those who would like to:

  • Travel for a special occasion.
  • Celebrate my anniversary in a private space.
  • Spend my anniversary with my family / Friends.


We will offer our guests a complimentary whole cake and a bottle of sparkling sake (720ml).

We are happy to make other special arrangements for your anniversary, so please consult us in advance.


It is the perfect place to hold your annual celebration in a completely private space. Special arrangements such as bouquets are also available.


How about a relaxing stay with your spouse in a quiet space? It is nice to talk about the past while savoring sake.

【Longevity Celebration

How about celebrating a long life with the whole family?
We can make arrangements such as preparing a cake and taking photos of your family members.

Plan: Anniversary Plan

Special Offer: A whole cake and a bottle of sparkling sake (720ml)

Others: Special arrangements can be arranged for an additional fee.

Requirements: This plan is for those who are celebrating an anniversary only, and is limited to one night.


We can also arrange for dinner. You can spend your special anniversary in your room without going out.

Guests can choose from the following three types of dishes.

  • Hoba Miso Grill with Hida Beef Set
  • Hida Beef Sukiyaki Set
  • Yellowtail Shabu-shabu Set
  1. For more information about dinner, please see the Dinner Plan page.
  2. For dinner reservations, please contact us separately instead of booking the dinner plan above.




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