2-8 17,500 -

IORI SETOGAWA is a traditional HIDA/Japanese style house renovated into a hotel. It is excusive to only one group per night. We offer free breakfast at a local cafe. It has a very good location, close to all main attractions in Hida Furukawa and Hida Furukawa station. Hida Furukawa is known as a town having holly places of Kiminonawa or Your Name (famouse Japanese animation). Hope you will enjoy your stay here staying & feeling like locals

2-8 17,500 -

The space

【Our Concept】
The concept of IORI SETOGAWA is “Stay like living in HIDA FURUKAWA”, which is a next city to Takayama (12 min train ride).

In collaboration with local artists (Japanese gardener, lighting designer, and furniture artists), we created traditional but modern space with a sense of art.

【Our Service】
What you will get at IORI SETOGAWA:

*Traditional Japanese town house
This could be once in a life time thing for foreign travelers to experience an authentic traditional Japanese town house.

*Prime Location
Guests can explore all main attractions in HIDA FURUKAWA and can get easy access to Takayama by train. Hida Furukawa is more quiet and peaceful compared to Takayama but still has many places to visit such as famous sake breweries, museums, and temples. In this town, you can feel the authentic life style of Japanese countryside town.

Price includes breakfast at our partner cafe.

*Exclusive Use For One Group.
Guests can use our hotel (two-storied spacious house) exclusively. You can enjoy playing musics, cooking, relaxing, etc as you wish. Therefore, we believe that it is a good choice for couples, family, and friends.

*Unique Activities
Our guests are able to book unique local activities for better price. The activities include Hida Cooking Class, Traditional Lunch Experience, etc, making your stay even more memorable.

【First Floor】
・A wellhole style earthen floor
・Living & Dining
・One Bathroom
・One Toilet
・Small Japanese garden courtyard

【Second Floor】
・Two bed rooms

Interaction with guests

【Interaction with Guests】
As IORI SETOGAWA is an exclusive use for our guests, our staff will not stay long. However, if our guests invite us to join dinner, drink, etc, we are more than willing to do so. Our staff speaks good English.

Other things to note

*The house is very traditional Japanese style and more than 80-year old. Thus, although the house has a heating in each room, heating is not perfect compared to modern hotels. However, based on feedback from our guests, we believe it should be no problem.
*Please respect our property like your own house. If broken and stolen house properties are found, necessary cost may be charged on guests.
*Please note that the hearth is not available due to safety reason.
*Please note that the hotel doesn’t have a phone as it is whole rental house.
*We don’t have a designated car parking at our place. Please park at Hida town hall.

7-12, Tonomachi, Furukawacho, Hida

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